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With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, we offer professional education consulting and international exchange programs.

What we do
Counseling services/International Placement
EdWise provides students with detailed information about the all levels of institutions, admission requirements, tuition fees and other pertinent information such as financial aid, scholarships, etc. We work to understand the student's needs and profile to help place students to the most appropriate schools and programs.

Visa application & processing
We arrange a visa interview for each student and fully prepare each one with corresponding embassies. With years of experience, we help students accomplish their transition abroad smoothly.

Summer Camp, Learning and Traveling program in the USA and China
Edwise provides safe and educational programs for students. They would have an opportunity to experience life at top universities, immerse in the best English study environment, and explore the American culture with tons of fun.

Summer camp is a perfect place to develop a student's independence, leadership, and communication skills. EdWise arranges safe and educational programs to provide students with extensive language training and culture immersion at the same time.

Our summer camp is the perfect supplement and extension of the traditional in-school curriculum.

International Cooperation Program
EdWise and Chinese middle schools have set up an international program which offers a regular high school degree program. Different from a traditional Chinese high school program, this international program focuses on matriculating students to higher education opportunities overseas. Beyond the standard curriculum, the special curriculum helps students concentrate on developing language and study skills required by international high schools, universities, and colleges. With this environment and approach, students in this special program generally demonstrate higher levels of critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, research, and communication skills compared with students enrolled in traditional Chinese high schools.

Homestay Program and management
EdWise arranges American Homestay Programs as well as dormitories according to the need of individual students. EdWise can also provide service regarding student supervision and management. Education experts at EdWise would be dedicated to providing the support necessary to guarantee the success transition of young students into American schools.


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